Two Easy Ways to Make A Big Change In Your Health Through Detox

You can make a big change in your health by following two easy detox practices. This post shares that with you.

Most experts into ‘Anti-Aging concepts agree that, we CAN Stay Younger Longer in both body and mind. There is a healthier movement starting to gain a lot of momentum now and rightly so.

So many in the US are ill, on medications, have weight issues, depressed, or have some type of disease. This all breaks down to dis-ease. When one’s body is out of balance for long periods of time, dis-ease happens in some form.

Know this about YOUR health: 

  • You have 65% control over your health
  • The other 35% is hereditary
  • That 35% can be regenerated if you adapt a healthy lifestyle

Better eating habits, lots of rest, some exercise, and a positive state of mind goes along ways in creating a healthy lifestyle.

The positive state of mind is what rules all good health.

The famous Wellness Guru, Dr Deepak Chopra, my main mentor and teacher, helped bring ancient wisdom to the West through his many books, his Chopra Clinic, his on-line courses and public appearances. One of his books, Perfect Health, I recommend to everyone. He gives us a plan for a healthier lifestyle, which includes foremost, peace of mind.

There Are No Incurable Diseases” as Dr. Richard Schulze’s writes about in his book.  It is all about Detox and Cleansing because we live in unhealthy times.

Our world is full of toxic chemicals that we battle every day, whether we are aware of it or not.

One simple Detox practice you can do is to drink Detox teas. In China and Japan they drink green tea all day, at least 4 cups a day. You can purchase Detox Teas made by many different companies at almost any grocery store now. Quality organic brands are always best.

Another simple way to detox is to look at your sugar intake. Sugar is in everything you are consuming, especially if you shop at regular grocery stores. Health food stores normally use organic sugar cane or a derivative that is healthier. Sugar is an additive in almost every product that you buy.

Sugar in all your food adds at least 5 pounds a year, it is not only unhealthy, because of weight gain, but it robs you of your natural energy.

Today, I have shared two important ways how to take control of your health and help reverse the 35% hereditary health issues.

Off to drink some Detox Tea …