Tips to Lose Weight and Keep it Off!

Dear ones, I am sure most of this info can apply to males also, but my market and my knowledge is on the feminine side for over forty years.

I am the “Beauty and Wellness Guru” not only because the Today Show named me that, but this has been my main area of study.

Here are some tips for you.

  1. If you are 40 or over, go to a natural doctor or a compounding pharmacy that does natural solutions, get your saliva tester kit…do it, and have your own hormonal creams or pills made just for you. Is it expensive…no! It costs so much less than the medical option which has major side effects.
  2. Get food allergy tests. This is so important as it seems to be an epidemic. When I did this, and quite eating dairy and wheat, I lost weight so fast. You can write to and each test is $98. I did only two tests as most people now are allergic to wheat, dairy or gluten.
  3. Go to a plant based diet. Meat does not digest easily and can make you fat–eat more grains, beans, fruits, nuts, seeds, avacados, greens and beets. Lay off flour products like breads, pastas, etc, unless you buy the alternative ones made from rice.
  4. Change the dialog you have with yourself! Start looking in the mirror and saying-”I am getting thinner”- instead of the opposite. Remember, all thoughts create, and when you see yourself as “fat”, guess what? You will stay fat.
  5. Exercise, well yes, even if some walking a few days a week. You must get your metabolism up, especially if you are a slow moving person.

That’s it … NOW Get to IT!