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The Secret to Healthy Skin and Hair

Learn the Secret to Healthy Skin and Hair

Use Organic Products for Beautiful Skin and HairToday the products that we put on our body and the food we put in our body is filled with chemicals.  These chemicals cause hair loss and dry skin to name a few of the issues.

Flat irons destroy your hair, chemical products create illness and most of the beauty products females and males use are usually 100% chemicals. You must understand that chemicals create illness.

A natural and organic beauty product line like Aveda is the cream de la cream creates wellness. Since I created the first all natural, organic day spas in the Southwest, utilizing all Aveda products I know what I am talking about here. Aveda uses the “Art and Science of Ayurveda” in everything they do.

As a beauty and Wellness Guru for 51 years, I have counseled, coached and recommended all natural, organic and holistic beauty products for your skin and hair to my clients. There is no comparison to Aveda products as far as their cleanliness, quality, and health benefits.

I use Aveda Products for all my clients because:

  • Aveda is Pure Flower and Plant Essences (Aromatherapy/Aromaology)
  • Creates beautiful shiny healthy hair
  • Amazing younger looking skin
  • Contains NO Chemicals – your hair and skin will NOT Dry out
  • No Harmful Side Effects that creates illness
You must “Go Back to Nature — Where Your True Nourishment Lies.”

It is also important that you understand that 98% of all Beauty and Wellness products on the market will harm you if used daily because of the excess chemicals.  “Natural” has become a big trend as people have become more health conscious. You still need to read the ingredients on the product because many beauty and wellness products could have one natural item in it, and so they call the entire product line natural, which isn’t the case in reality.

If you hair is thinning you can restore it. I recommend Aveda’s Invati – Shampoo, Conditioner, AND Scalp Therapy. Aveda has a choice of product lines to select from for your skin care type.

I am devoted to Beauty, Wellness and Regeneration. Visit to read more about my work. I do offer beauty and wellness consults as part of my work with clients. Email me today if you have any questions. Read more.