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Ayurvedic Cooking Spice KitsOrganic Ayurvedic Spice “Medicine Kit”

My partners and I are happy to announce our new product, Organic Ayurvedic Spice “Medicine” Kit, which contains 9 of the most used spices in Ayurvedic cooking. The key in Ayurveda cooking is based on the premise that food is sacred. Ayurveda is a 5000 year old health maintenance system that encompasses your whole life-body-mind-spirit.

Spices as “wonder foods” has been a basis of the Ayurvedic system for thousands of years. Spices are a therapeutic and a flavorful way to keep your diet healthy and healing. The exotic colors and aromas of spices can change and ordinary dish into a divine one.

The ingredients listed below are included in the basic spice kit:

Black Mustard Seeds
Mild diuretic, creates heat, stimulates digestion and helps in dispelling gas; valued for gout, arthritis and fever

Coriander Powder
Cooling to the system, alleviates gas and tones the digestive track. You can use seeds or leaves as they have the same healing benefits.

Cumin Powder
Heat producing, excellent toner of the digestive track. Helps relieve muscle spasms

Cumin Seeds
Heat producing, excellent toner of the digestive track. Helps relieve muscle spasms

Curry leaves
Traditionally used to treat diabetes

Is a great blood purifier, prevents constipation, helps in reducing blood cholesterol and relieves hay fever, a general body tonic. Rich in B vitamins and folic acid. Stimulates blood and hair cell development and helps with weight loss.

Hing (asafoetida)
Counteracts gas created in the stomach, especially when cooking beans,
Takes the place of onions and garlic in the Sattvic Diet. Great for colic in infants.

Blood purifier and anti-inflammatory, add to protein dishes to aid digestion and prevent toxins, antiseptic, helps heal the liver-counteracting liver fat and lowering serum cholesterol

Red Chili Powder
Helps reduce body temperature; improve tolerance to heat, increases metabolism, used in creams for muscle sprains, arthritis, aids in blood sugar levels. Knocks out colds and flu, lowers cholesterol

We are thrilled to be the first to make this available. Contact Elaine Dodson to order yours today. Introductory Price $70. Currently only available locally from Elaine Dodson, with pickup option at Kalachandji’s Restaurant and Gift Shop in Dallas or South Bishop Arts District. If you need spice refill packets, this is available also.

Questions? Email ElaineDodson@SacredJourneyRetreats.com or call (214) 948-7266.

Refer to Elaine’s Cookbook -Cooking for the Guru for authentic Ayurvedic Recipes using these medicinal spices. (Cookbooks available for purchase on ElaineDodson.net and Amazon.)