Get Certified to Be An Ayurvedic Chef

How do I become an Ayurvedic Vegetarian Chef?

Elaine Dodson, Ayurvedic Vegetarian ChefYou hire Dallas based, Ayurvedic Chef Elaine Dodson, who has been certified by The School of Vaishnavism in Vrndaban, India. Elaine, who has been practicing the Ayurvedic Lifestyle since 1972, trained with her Guru on the Ayurvedic teachings in England, and numerous other chefs and teachers on Ayurveda.

She applied her teachings and founded two successful Ayurvedic vegetarian restaurants: Kalachandiji’s in Dallas, Texas, and Govinda’s in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Elaine is also author to a Ayurvedic Vegetarian Cookbook, Cooking for The Guru: A Karma Free Diet.

In this eight class Ayurvedic Chef series  you will:

  • Learn the Ayurvedic Theory, which includes understanding body types, how to identify your body type, how the healing spices are your medicine, and each spice has their own medicinal properties
  • The Art and Science of Ayurvedic Cooking, which includes learning Conscious Cooking and Eating Principles, and how to create you on altar to Bless Your Food, plus much more
  • Preparation process before you begin cooking.
  • Gain Hands-on experience, as an assistant in other cooking classes


Along the way, you will learn the best way to prepare, present, and teach Ayurvedic Cooking to others individually or in private groups, if this is one of your goals. Additionally,  you will be invited to attend a Ayurvedic Vegetarian shopping tour to a local Indian store with Elaine to familiarize you with the Ayurvedic culture.

Each class in this series will meet for 3 hours, some of these session will be private one-on-one coaching, while others will be a group session. This is an introduction for you to begin your training as an Ayurvedic Chef. Advanced training and on-going classes available after completing this series.

The cost to attend this series – Get Certified to Be An Ayurvedic Chef is $2600. Payment plans are available. If you have interest in becoming an Ayurvedic Chef,  and creating vibrant health for you and all those you care about email or call (214) 948-7266.

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