Cooking Vegetarian

Vegetarian Cooking Classes

This series includes authentic low fat vegetarian (with vegan options) recipes based on the fact food is sacred. Learn how to prepare exquisite Indian recipes featuring exotic tastes, aromas, textures and colors. These classes teach sumptuous vegetables dishes, rice preparations, delicious protein-rich soups, and Indian condiments such as yogurt raita, various chutneys, sweets and beverages. With what you learn in these classes, you will be able to prepare and enjoy food with sacred awareness of the benefit to your overall constitution. In Ayurvedic Cooking the spices are your medicine and each one has its own unique healing properties. [Learn More]

Ayurvedic Cookbook

This, my first cookbook, is intended as a “starter” book. In it, you will learn how to cook some delicious new recipes, stay younger longer and be healthier!

It tells a story of my journey to consciousness about the nature of eating and of food itself, understanding the choices I make, and the impact these choices have on me and the world.  My journey led me to the science of Ayurveda as the highest expression of consciousness and purpose – eating beautiful, delicious, health-producing and rejuvenating dishes designed to interact with my body and my world in an optimal way. [Learn More]

Ayurvedic Cooking Spice Kits

My partners and I are happy to announce our new product, Organic Ayurvedic Spice “Medicine” Kit, which contains 9 of the most used spices in Ayurvedic cooking. The key in Ayurveda cooking is based on the premise that food is sacred. Ayurveda is a 5000 year old health maintenance system that encompasses your whole life-body-mind-spirit.  [Learn More]