Cooking For The Guru – A Karma-Free Diet

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“Ayurveda feeds your body, mind, and spirit. In her beautiful new book, Elaine Dodson shows you how to bring Ayurvedic cooking into your own kitchen easily and deliciously! Your stomach will thank you.”

Lissa Coffey, author of “What’s Your Dosha, Baby? Discover the Vedic Way For Compatibility in Life and Love.”

My Ayurvedic Cook Book

This, my first cookbook, is intended as a “starter” book. In it, you will learn how to cook some delicious new recipes, stay younger longer and be healthier!

It tells a story of my journey to consciousness about the nature of eating and of food itself, understanding the choices I make, and the impact these choices have on me and the world.  My journey led me to the science of Ayurveda as the highest expression of consciousness and purpose – eating beautiful, delicious, health-producing and rejuvenating dishes designed to interact with my body and my world in an optimal way.

The reader learns about the science of Ayurveda, body types and the best foods and spices for each type, as well as the set and setting for the kitchen and eating space, shopping for and preparing the ingredients, the recipes themselves (all traditionally-based but modernized for our busy lifestyles and low-fat diets), and much more.

A few benefits of eating in this way:

  • We talk about energy and being present with the thoughts you are having while you prepare the food. If you are thinking that you are preparing the meal for a higher purpose, then the vibration will be higher and the effect on your body healthier.
  • Combining color, flavors, and textures in various dishes develops the skill of a true artist. Even if you have never enjoyed cooking, the Ayurvedic style of cooking will rekindle your desire to prepare healthy and beautiful dishes and have fun doing it.
  • My style of Vedic cooking is practical because it means making the best dishes in the shortest amount of time and using time to your best advantage by being organized.
  • You become gentler to yourself and to your world by eating a vegetarian, sustainable diet, and dieting becomes a thing of the past.
  • Meals are custom-designed to directly affect your day-to-day health and well-being using the science of Ayurveda. Food becomes your medicine.

Why I Wrote This Cook Book

For over 40 years, I have been practicing a healthy lifestyle that includes Ayurvedic and vegetarian cooking. I studied in India for seven years. In the late 90s I was asked to serve as the household chef for my guru in Cambridge, England. This led to a long study of Ayurvedic cooking techniques throughout India. Over the years, I developed recipes and a style of Ayurvedic cooking geared towards today’s busy lifestyle, which I now teach in my cooking classes. I also founded two successful vegetarian and Ayurvedic restaurants: Kalachandiji’s in Dallas, Texas, and Govinda’s in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

I have gained an international reputation in natural/organic beauty, wellness and regeneration, as a retreat leader and founder of Sacred Journey Retreats. As a pioneer in the beauty industry, I have always believed that outer beauty is simply a reflection of a state of inner wellness. My passions include empowering women through the sacred power of beauty, teaching beauty and wellness practices for regenerating body, mind and spirit, and, through this work, rebalancing the divine feminine energy on the planet.