Staying Younger Longer

Staying younger longer is easier than you may think and one of the principal benefits you can receive by following the informaton contained on this site.
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Tips to Lose Weight and Keep it Off!

Dear ones, I am sure most of this info can apply to males also, but my market and my knowledge is on the feminine side for over forty years.

I am the “Beauty and Wellness Guru” not only because the Today Show named me that, but this has been my main area of study.

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Going Back to Nature is Where True Nourishment Lies

Our children–going back to nature is where their true nourishment lies!

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Weight weight weight…do this diet, do that diet!

Weight weight weight..losing weight..keeping it off..up and down, down and up, do this diet, do that diet!

Hey there girls…tips on losing weight-or your butt– and keeping it off–the healthy way. Well, as we know living that way is a constant roller coaster. It consumes so much thought and energy. Read More→