Going Back to Nature is Where True Nourishment Lies

Our children–going back to nature is where their true nourishment lies!

Who would have ever thought there would come a time when “healthy” is not the norm, dis-ease is on the rise, and people pop synthetic pills for EVERY ailment.

It is shocking how far we have gone backwards in the area of health and wellness in the US. Our children are getting major diseases at a young age, many are overweight and have a” Frankenstein” diet. They are not doing as well in school– and all of this boils down to what  they put in their mouth everyday.

How much fresh organic food with vitality are they consuming? Junk food is dead food, white sugar and flour products are making them fat and sick. It is said that even autism can be healed with a healthy diet. Actually, a healthy diet is the key to their success in this lifetime. Wake up or help others you know to wake up.

We all know what is good or bad for us… taking small steps every day by letting go little by little of all the crap….and putting in the body, fresh healthy nourishing foods that heal not only the body, but the mind and soul.